Interior Planning proposes the ideal way of interior space by high technology, sensitivity and experience based on functionality, safety, comfort, economy, considering the era and social background. The purpose is to improve the quality of living environment.

 The target area is an interior space related to living environment in general such as houses, offices, shops, hotels, hospitals, schools, factories and public facilities.

The work extends from "Programming Work" which formulates the concept, "Design Work" which develops design, to "Management Work" which manages quality/cost and conducts construction management.

Programming Work

● Participate in the concept making and propose the concept aiming for harmony between "people and environment".

● Capture the project from the fundamental and familiar viewpoint of "living environment" and create a program.

Phase 1: Survey and Analysis

Participation in Concept Making, understanding of Design Conditions
● Confirmation of planning content
● Confirmation of design scope

● Grasp the needs of the owner and the user

 (Research on industries and industries) (Understanding functions of facilities)
 (Grasp overview of medium and long term scale)

● Response to the environment and health

● Survey of facility / facility and operation (hearing / questionnaire)

● Extraction of problem points of target facilities

●Proposal of Improvement Policy for Target Facilities

● Example Study Comparison

● Investigation and grasp of target building (space)

● Check related laws and regulations

● Schedule setting

● Presentation

Phase 2: Concept Formulation

Proposal of Basic Concept and determination of Plan Objective
● Image concept construction

● Zoning plan

● Space plan (usage / scale setting)

● Review of basic layout

● Facility grade setting

● Establishment of budget

● Presentation

● Proposal of universal environment

● Proposal of health / environment etc.

● Proposal of Life Cycle Assessment


Design Work

● Plan and design an appropriate space for realizing and achieving the concept.

● Prepare documents so that planning and design can be carried out accurately.

Phase 3: Schematic Design

Proposal and decision on Schematic Design
● Schematic planning

● Furniture and fixture planning

●Proposal of design for concept

● Storage plan

●Proposal of key materials

● Color planning

● Lighting plan

● Proposal of Corporate Identity plan

● Sign planning

● Greening plan

● Response plan for disaster prevention (earthquake resistant / waterproof)

● Equipment planning / adjustment

● Information facility planning

● Acoustic equipment plan

● Security plan

● Study on architectural structure

● Examination and adjustment of related laws and regulations

● Calculation of estimated construction cost

● Schedule adjustment

● Presentation

Phase 4: Construction Design

Construction Design and creation of Construction Documents
● Consideration and selection of construction method and materials

● Creation of construction design drawing

● Detailed examination of special finishing

● Cooperation for applications, notifications, etc.

● Adjustment with structure and equipment

● Equipment drawing

● Preparation of various finishing specifications

● Adjustment with construction work separately

● Adjustment of each section construction

● Budget preparation / presentation

● Proposal for creating an order place

● Process adjustment

● Proposal decision on facility management software


Management Work

● Perform quality control and cost management to properly complete the facilities, etc.

● Provide consulting to keep the facility in optimal condition even after completion.

Phase 5: Construction Management

Ordering and Supervision Work
● Decisions such as constructors and specialized manufacturers

● Communication of design intent

● Creating a site management system

● Consideration of construction drawing · Procedure

● Adjust specification · Determination of material and color

● Model · Model Room · Sample determination

● Process check

●Construction cost adjustment operation

● Construction material creation

● Use manual creation

● Maintenance contract manual creation

● Moving · various inspection witness

● Participation in quality control