About JIPA

The Japan Interior Planner Association (JIPA) was established as a coalition organization of regional interior planner associations nationwide in 1998. We support the association activities in each region, continue the activities with the aim of contributing to the development and fulfillment of society and culture as well as aiming for sound development of the interior and the environment.


1987 Based on the Ministry of Construction's announcement, the Interior Planner (IP) Qualification System was established.
1992 Qualified persons exceeded 18,000 people, and the Interior Planner Association was established sequentially by 10 regional associations of Hokkaido, Tohoku, Niigata, Tokyo, Shizuoka prefecture, Chubu, Hokuriku, Kansai, Chugoku, and Western Japan.
1995 Established a liaison meeting by representatives of regional associations.
1998 Established "The Japan Federation of Interior Planner’s Association (JIPA)" as an alliance organization of the National Interior Planner Association.
2001 Dissolution of Tohoku Interior Planner Association, Yamagata Interior Planner Association and Iwate Prefecture Interior Planner Association were newly established and participated in the council.
2004 Organization change, renamed "The Japan Federation of Interior Planner’s Association, Limited Liability Intermediate Corporation".
2009 The corporate name was renamed to "The Japan Federation of Interior Planner’s Association, General Incorporated Associations".

Main Business and Activities

Seminars and Lectures held at each regional association
Organizing Award Organizing Interior Planning Award
Organizing Interior Planning Competition
Publishing Editing and Publishing Interior Planning Best Selection
Organizing Exhibition "IPEC" (Tokyo and each region held every other year)
Education and Training IP exam course lecture held at each regional association

Officers and Employees

Employee / Representative Director (President) Takashi Shimono Tokyo IP Association
Employee / Representative director (Vice President) Minoru Kuroda Shizuoka IP Association
Employee / Representative Director (Vice President) Seiichi Kato Kansai IP Association
Employee / Director Ando Kiyoshi Chubu IP Association
Employee / Director, Yukimasa Ueda Chugoku IP Association
Employee / Director, Kenji Yokoo Kyushu IP Association
Employee / Auditor Munehide Sugiyama Hokkaido IP Association
Employee / Auditor Mamoru Yamagoshi Hokuriku IP Association
Employee Noriaki Sugawara IP Association of Iwate Prefecture
Employee Masami Nobuo Yamagata IP Association
Adviser Seiichi Nakagawa
Secretary General Hiromi Toyazaki